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      Travel-A Fresh Idea on Fundraising

      We work with non-profits and service groups supporting community projects and helping to raise funds. We can design a full fundraising program bringing in several new revenue streams or we can assist with using a travel package to help with an existing fundraising event.


      Have your favorite non-profit work with us to access a variety of revenue streams available to non-profits including…..

      • Group Cruises. Enjoy a closer fellowship and build a tighter network by having fun … together. The best part is, the non-profit can benefit from each cabin booked.

      • Multi-Staged Fundraising Program–As part of the second tier of travel fundraising, auction off the tour conductor credits earned through group cruising. Combine principles of incentive travel to maximize productivity of fundraising volunteers.

      • Raffles and Auctions: Travel related products will catch the attention of potential donors and event participants.

      • Referral program. Send a mailer out to your supporters. They are booking travel anyway. Why shouldn’t their travel help support the non-profit?


      Set up a group cruise for your non-profit….


      Your board, volunteers, and donors are all apt to travel during the year. Arrange a group cruise and:

      • Enjoy great fares by using Power in Numbers

      • Earn money for your non-profit for every booking

      • Earn additional cash or credit based on the volume of bookings….

      • Raffle or auction off a cruise based on the credit you have earned


      Once you are onboard…. hold an event on the cruise. You can plan the next cruise or fundraise or celebrate your success.


      With an established relationship with a local travel agent, arrange to earn referral fees for new business generated by your organization.

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