By Michael Akana at Aug. 12. 2014.
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      We can book travel for an employee that has performed above and beyond the call of duty. Travel is a great way to give recognition, but a good incentive award program does more than just recognize good performance


      An incentive program can be designed so that pays for itself.


      Goals can be defined such that, when they are realized, you can increase your profit margin, even after deducting the costs of travel and management of the incentive program.


      A travel incentive award program is a program using a travel awards  system to improve work performance in a measurable way.


      Employers and employees alike rightfully have high expectations of such a program. If the program is run well, it will be the highlight of the year. If the program does not follow certain proven principles it can backfire and be the cause of resentment.


      Give us a call to discuss your goals in increasing employee performance. We can work with your management team to define stretch goals that are realistic, achievable, and measurable.  We will manage all aspects of the incentive award program–helping with a preliminary budget,  documenting processes, reporting on progress of your employees  and continuing to promote the program to potential awardees.


      We will work out details with travel suppliers so that the resulting award will be memorable.

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