By Michael Akana at May. 2. 2012.
      Defunct Seamiles Visa Card

      Chase ends Seamiles Visa Program

      SeaMiles VISA follows SeaMiles Mastercard as Chase chooses not renew the SeaMiles program.


      SeaMiles operated much like a frequent flyer program whereby SeaMiles Visa credit card holders would earn one mile for each dollar spent and SeaMiles Bonus Partners would fund an additional 3 bonus miles for every dollar spent on a cruise.  SeaMiles cardholders could then redeem point for purchase of a cruise.


      The design of the SeaMiles Visa program was pretty straight forward.  SeaMiles Visa was very easy to work with.  They had great customer service, responded to inquiries quickly and explained the program.


      The biggest programs the program faced were shedding the legacy of the Mastercard program.  The older SeaMiles Mastercard program, was good only on Carnival.  For a time SeaMiles Mastercard was heavily promoted by the cruise line.  The brand specific card was not popular among travel agents as the program was designed to drive business directly to Carnival or the related SeaMiles MasterCard program and away from travel agents.


      Then SeaMiles Visa was introduced.  Unlike the Mastercard program the Visa card was on “Any Cruise Line… Any Time.” The program was much more useful to cardholders and much friendlier to agents.  For awhile the SeaMiles Carnival/MasterCard and SeaMiles Visa program operated side by side.  But after a few years the Mastercard program was discontinued.

      When the MasterCard program was discontinued, there was a lot of confusion amongst SeaMiles cardholders and Seamiles Designated Travel Agencies.  Mastercard card holders were unable to book cruises directly with SeaMiles and were calling agents.  Agents had not been trained in the Mastercard program and were often unaware that there were two distinct programs.


      After attending presentations at trade shows, calls with sales and support, and a thorough review of the documentation and contracts I was for a time a bit of SeaMiles expert in our agency.    While our agency became a Seamiles designated travel agency in 2007 shortly after the inception of the Visa card program, we have had a few inquiries.  Most of the calls we fielded had more to due with differentiating the Mastercard program from the Visa program and less with using the program to help in the sale of cruises.

      Yet… there was the rare customer that would be an faithful cardholder, familiar with the program, who cruised frequently and made good use of the program.  I am sorry to see that such customers faithful to the Seamiles programs and to their travel agents will, after June 29, 2012,  no longer be able to access the Seamiles program.


      Notice on SeaMiles website:
      IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL SEAMILES MEMBERS – EFFECTIVE APRIL 29, 2012 The SeaMiles Visa Rewards Chase program has ended. Chase has chosen not to renew the SeaMiles Visa Rewards Card Program; as such the program has ended effective April 29, 2012. Current members have until June 29, 2012 to redeem any accumulated SeaMiles that are eligible for redemption. For questions concerning your SeaMiles Visa Chase credit card please call 1-800-231-2568.


      E-Mail from SeaMiles to Bonus Partners:
      April 29, 2012 Dear SeaMiles Travel Bonus Partner, We are writing this letter to advise you that Chase has chosen not to renew the SeaMiles Visa Rewards Program; as such the program has ended. As a direct result of this, the SeaMiles Travel Bonus Partner Program has also ended. If you have any customers that have booked and paid for their cruise in full prior to June 29, 2012 they are able to redeem any SeaMiles that are eligible for redemption. The final day for redemption is June 29, 2012. Any redemptions after this date will not be considered. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for working with SeaMiles over the past years and wish you much success in all your future endeavours. If your customers have any questions regarding their Chase credit card, please have them call Chase directly at 1-800-231-2568. — Sincerely, Your SeaMiles Customer Service Team.

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